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Praying for Power Preaching

The following is adapted from Dr. Dave Eby’s Power Preaching for Church Growth


Pray to God for your preacher and his preaching in these specific ways:


1.  Help him to realize his absolute dependence on You, that apart from You he can do nothing (John 15:5);

2.  Help him to pray for his preaching continually and depend on Your Spirit for power;

3.  Anoint him and fill him with your Spirit for preaching.  Bring him under complete submission to you;

4. Enable him to preach the Word with accuracy, clarity, boldness and love;

5. Anoint the ears of listeners to be humble, hungry hearers of the Word;

6. Bring conviction of sins and true conversion by the preached Word to unbelievers;

7. Bring conviction of sin, on-going repentance, edification, encouragement and growth/sanctification to believers.



You could also take the words of the Westminster Larger Catechism Question 159 and pray:

Lord, help our preacher to preach sound doctrine

1.  diligently

2.   plainly

3.   in the power of the Spirit

4.   faithfully

5.    wisely

6.    zealously, with fervent love to God and His people

7.    sincerely, aiming at God’s glory, and the conversion, edification and salvation of all who listen to the Word.

Finally, remember that power preaching is what our church needs, as well as all the churches in our presbytery and in our county and beyond this to our state, nation, and all over the world.  Pray for God to raise up power preaching and power preachers.  You can be used by God to promote the powerful preaching of His Word.

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A Prayer for a Conflicted Church

This is a prayer by a fictitious elder of a fictitious (but could be a familiar) church. Nevertheless, it is one prayer that ought to be prayed in many of Christ’s churches today:

“Lord, we’ve been a terrible church.  We’ve not only offended our pastor and his family, we’ve not only failed to protect them, encourage them, love them and lift them, but we have failed you too.  We have been cranky and mean.  We have allowed the sins of gossip and slander, grumbling and complaining, hiding or fighting to take over us.  We’ve been a disgrace to your name, O Lord!  We put up with the cranky and the crabby too long.  Allowed the goats to hurt the sheep, the tares to smother the wheat, our wayward brethren to weary our body.  Forgive us, Lord!  May you change our souls and the very soul of this church!  We want to live by your heat and light; to be willing clay pots in your mighty hands.  We want to be a people gripped by the Cross, grasped by the Spirit, grounded by your Word, and gladdened by your joy.  Help us, O Lord, to be a Gospel people who live by truth and grace and love. In Jesus’ awesome name!”  And with him came a chorus of amens.

Taken from the last chapter in The Perfect Pastor? (Xulon Press; 2007).

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