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Church Life According to Acts 2-5

(This is from William Vermeulen’s Church Planting seminar materials, 1997)


As I read Acts 2 to 5, I find the following things emphasized:

1. Truth – God’s Word and my “truth”

2. Fellowship – Opening our lives to one another, caring for one another, owning nothing, sharing deeply.

3. Breaking bread – Sitting together at tables, sharing, singing, and praying together moves us more toward intimacy.

4. Prayer – The place where our hearts are better knit together and where greater brokenness before the throne takes place.

5. Witness – Individual and group witness is a powerful means of grace for our growth in Christ as well as a primary way to reach others with the Gospel.

6. Awe – The five things above lead to a healthier fear of God and an intensified worship and prayer life.

7. Unity – Which comes through celebrating our diversity and differences, and we best grow in this important area of the Christian life in the small group context.

8. Worship – The intimate worship of the small group adds tremendous vitality to the formal corporate worship of God’s people, and it can do a great deal to change attitudes to “what can I give to” rather than “what can I get out of” the services.

9. Favor with people – It came out of authentic biblical community: their love and care for one another and their excitement of being in these households of faith spilled over on others.

10. The Lord added daily – Something a large number of churches need desperately need, and/or want to see happen. God encourages us with the repeated emphasis in Acts on the growth of his church.


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