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Evaluating the Potential Church Elder or Pastor

Seeking to Evaluate and Select Qualified Men to Serve as Elder or Pastor

(Men called to office must exhibit the character qualities of a spiritual leader.

See 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9; Acts 6:1-6)

Here is a simple form that can be used to evaluate a potential candidate for church elder or pastor. This can also be used as a self-evaluation for an elder or a pastor, or for the church leadership to use in order to evaluate an active elder or pastor.

(Score:  0 – shows an absence of this characteristic; 1- means there is weakness, 5 – means the man is strong in this area and it is evident)

This means that these men:

__            Maintain a regular, daily practice of time alone with God in Bible reading and prayer

__            Have lives marked by moral and spiritual integrity.

__            Have a wholesome reputation among believers and unbelievers alike.

__            Have a firm grasp and conviction of the truths of the Christian faith as revealed in the Scriptures.

__            Must have the spiritual capacity to discern, expose and withstand the assaults of heresy and unbelief (elders).

__            Must have homes that reflect an atmosphere of harmony, godliness, and hospitality.

Specific Questions for Evaluation:

A.            Personal Life

__             Does he meet the moral and spiritual qualifications of 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1? (Substantially, not


__            Does he practice daily, regular Bible reading and praying?

__            Does he fear and love God?

__            Is he serious about obeying God and obeying God’s Word?

__            Is he killing sin and growing in grace?

__            Is he teachable, eager for learning more spiritual truth?

__            Does he hunger for righteousness?

B. Family Life

__             Does his home reflect an atmosphere of harmony, godliness, and hospitality?

__            Does he have a good relationship with his wife that evidences conformity to the standards of Ephesians 5:25-28? Is he practicing self-denying love that serves, nourishes and cherishes his wife?

__            Does he rule his children with a graceful, loving, but firm hand?

__            Does he consistently practice biblical discipline and love toward his children (ie: verbal instruction and corporal correction)?

__            Is his marriage and family life a model you can commend to others?

__            Does his wife respect him?

__            Do his children respect him?

__            Does he provide spiritual leadership to his family?

__            Does his wife and children follow his spiritual leadership?

__            Does his home evidence a commitment to spiritual priorities?

__            Does his wife have godly priorities?

__            Is his wife committed to ministry with him?

__            Is his wife supportive of him serving as an elder or deacon?

C.  Church Life

__             Is he enthusiastic about the vision of building a biblically healthy church?

__             Is he committed to the local church of God’s people, and faithful in attendance when God’s people meet?

__            Is he friendly, open, cordial, approachable, gracious to others?

__            Does he show a genuine concern for others?

__            Does he give himself in time and talents to the Lord’s work?

__            Is he willing to serve without seeking applause?

__            Is he opinionated and contentious?

__            Does he take correction gracefully and with humility?

__            Is he teachable?

__            Can he disagree in a gentle manner?

__            Can he see another’s viewpoint?

__            Is he a good listener?

__            Does he keep confidences?

__            Does he pray with and for others in need?

__            Is he enthusiastic about the Bible and the Gospel, and can he communicate the truth to others?

__            Can he defend the Bible against attack?

__            Is he slow to judge others and quick to commend and encourage?

__            Is he firm in rejecting gossip and slander?

__            Do he and his wife practice hospitality toward others in the local Body of Christ?

__            Has he demonstrated a capacity for spiritual leadership by serving?

__            Does the church respect him and follow him as a leader?

__            Has he demonstrated a capacity for ruling, oversight, and shepherding?

D.  Life in God’s World

__             Is he honest in money matters?

__            Does he pay his debts promptly?

__            Do his employer, employees, work associates and neighbors respect him?

__            Does he seek to glorify God through his vocation or calling?

__            Does he use his money in a godly way?

__            Does he respond in a godly way to disappointment and worldly reversals?

__            Does he have compassion for the lost and a desire to carry out the Great Commission?

__            Does he pray for the salvation of lost friends, relatives, and acquaintances?

__            Does he build bridges of friendship and service to lost people?

__            Does he have a heart for inviting people to hear about Christ and to be exposed to Christ’s church?

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