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How to Gain a Perspective to Enrich Your Life

How do yThanksLiving-2.1ou gain a perspective to enrich your life? I answer this question in my new book, ThanksLiving.

This new book is the result of research on the subject of gratefulness. It shows some of the latest neuroscience and studies in the world of social sciences, and also teaches what the Bible says on thankfulness. I was quite surprised to learn how God even puts a premium on being thankful!  ThanksLiving is not merely for the seasons or holiday of Thanksgiving, but shows you how to develop habits of the heart to enrich you in your daily walk.

It is now available as an eBook for $0.99 on The print version will be available by the end of December 2015.

Check out a review by a fellow author, Rebecca Livermore:

One thing that I appreciate about this book is that the author isn’t Mr. Pollyanna. By his own admission, gratitude, and “looking on the bright side” doesn’t come naturally to him. I appreciate this because it means that the things he writes about being thankful hold true for anyone, regardless of temperament.

In addition to drawing deep from the Bible, Owsley also shares his findings on gratitude that are based on research of the brain, and from studies by sociologists, psychologists, and more. At the same time he admits that you can’t believe and accept everything and therefore looks at and evaluates all he’s gathered in his studies through the lens of Scripture.

As stated in the introduction, “the point of ThanksLiving is to be informative on the matter of thankfulness and its influence on a more enriched life. Even more, the purpose is to offer you tools to help develop positive skills to enhance relationships, foster happiness, and grow contentedness.” I feel like Owsley delivered on that promise, and that if you desire a life that is enriched as a result of being more thankful you’ll benefit from reading this book. Highly recommended.

A free eBook, How to Appreciate Others in 12 Meaningful Ways is a free download at



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